​Garage Door Service for Your The Woodlands, TX Home

Finding the best Residential door repair in The Woodlands, Magnolia , Tomball, TX and the Houston area has a final destination

When you need fast and dependable garage door service for your home, you need Speedy Garage Door Repair in Tomball, TX! Garage door service is the last thing most people think about until they can't enter or leave their home because of broken garage door springs or a garage door opener that doesn't work!​If this is the situation you are in we have great news for you: you have found the best garage door service company in The Woodlands, Tomball, TX and the Houston area! ​Don't let your broken garage door keep you waiting; call Speedy Garage Door Repair and let us get your door moving again fast!

How we do it

Residential Garage Door Repair

When it comes to garage door repair there is only one speed that you want to have it taken care of: yesterday! While we can't travel back in time, we are Speedy Garage Door Repair, and we aren't called that because we take a long time to get people just like you out a bad spot! No matter where you are in The woodlands, Tomball, TX or the Houston area, when you call us for garage door service you can count on us to be there when you need us and to get your door going again! Ready to be free of this frustration? Give us a call now!

How to Repair Your Garage Door

Want to know how to repair your garage door? It's very easy: call Speedy Garage Door Repair! If you are looking for information on how to repair your garage door, we need to give you some warning about the dangers involved. While learning how to repair your garage door doesn't sound like a risky proposition, the truth is that this is a service that is best left to the professionals! Garage doors weigh hundreds of pounds (larger ones can range into tons!) and can be lethal if they come apart, not to mention the wiring involved which poses a threat of electrical shock! Don't risk it! Call Speedy Garage Door Repair and keep yourself and your family safe!

Home Garage Door Installation

Easy and fast home garage door installation is as close as a click away! We are the Tomball, TX garage door installation company trusted by people all over this area! If you are in need of professional, high quality garage door replacement look no further than Speedy Garage Door Repair! If you are looking to add some value and style to your home's exterior, renovating a house to sell in the thriving Tomball, TX housing market, or just need garage door replacement; you have come to the right place for garage door installation! Want to know how much garage door installation costs from start to finish? Contact us today!

How We Keep Garage Door Repair Prices Low

Many homeowners are afraid to even look into garage door repair prices as they think it will be very expensive. When you call us you can trust that we will provide you with the lowest garage door repair prices in Tomball, TX for the quality we deliver! We keep garage door repair prices low by being fast to respond every time, providing the highest quality service possible (don't get it twisted; just because we have the word speedy in our name doesn't mean we aren't the best at what we do when it comes to quality), and keeping our labor pricing very competitive. Saving money and getting the best garage door repair service in Tomball, TX? What's not to love!?

Types Of ​Residential Doors​

Modern Glass Doors

Add sleek modern style to your home with a full-view glass garage door that will provide an endless source of natural light.

Wood Garage Doors

An artistic addition to any style of home, wood garage doors offer unrivaled richness and warmth.

Elite Doors

Stand out from the rest with our Elite brand. From stylish copper panels to contemporary glass, every Elite door offers enduring style.

Premium Steel Doors

Premium Steel doors offer superior strength and are built for long-lasting performance and affordability.