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For the best garage door opener repair in Tomball, TX call Speedy Garage Door Repair! When you need fast and affordable garage door opener repair in Tomball, TX we are the local garage door service company to call! A garage door opener that won't open is like a locked bow with no key; and in some situations, that locked box is your garage! Trust in our in-depth experience with garage door opener repair in Tomball, TX to provide the key to your conundrum! That door isn't going to open itself! CALL NOW!

How We Do It

The One to Call for Expert Garage Door Opener Installation

Whether you are in need for a new home construction or replacing one that has run its course; give us a call for expert garage door opener installation in Tomball, TX! Every piece of machinery has a lifespan. For an average garage door opener that lifespan is around 15,000(ish) openings and closings. When that workhorse of the garage runs its last you will need a new one AND an expert in garage door opener installation in Tomball, TX to make sure your replacement runs right! Choosing the right piece of equipment isn't difficult (we recommend Clopay© and Lift Master©), but choosing the right company for garage door opener installation in Tomball, TX is the most important step (psst, choose Speedy!).

Broken Garage Door Opener or Do You Just Need Batteries?

One of the most frustrating things about technology is that despite how well made something is eventually we are going to experience problems with it when least expected (and most often at a very inconvenient moment). If you think you have a broken garage door opener, do yourself a favor and check the batteries in your remote! We have responded to MANY calls to repair a broken garage door opener only to find that the issue was that the batteries in the remote were dead. It's a simple oversight to make, but it can be a very simple fix and save everyone precious time and frustration (not to mention money!). If you have changed out the batteries and are still not going anywhere because of a broken garage door opener that IS actually broken, there is another simple fix: Call Speedy!

Clopay©: A One Stop Shop For the Best Garage Door Opener

In our humble opinion as one of the very best garage door opener installation and repair companies in Tomball, TX, we believe that Clopay© is the best manufacturer of opener systems. Clopay©'s variety of garage door openers is robust, with openers for every size door and budget! Speedy Garage Door Repair is a preferred distributor of Clopay©'s systems and can help you choose the right garage door opener if you aren't sure which one to go with for your home. Looking for more info on Clopay and the openers they offer? Click here to take a look, then call Speedy to make a choice and get it installed fast!

Anatomy of a Garage Door Opener

How the heck do garage door openers work? If you are curious about the answer to this question we offer the following educational material for your pleasure!