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Our team of professionals can install doors of wood, glass, steel, and aluminum to give your home a more modern look that can raise property value by tenfold. We want to make sure everything is correctly down to the last detail and will consult with you on how to install a new garage door in style that meets your specifications. When you purchase a new custom garage door from Speedy Garage Door Repair you will receive the following:

  • A new, durable garage door that guarantees long-lasting performance
  • Increased home value due to more attractive home
  • Improved home exterior
  • Garage protection to keep out any intruders
  • Preservation of personal belongings stored in garage
  • Quick, same-day installation

How We Do It

Planning for Custom Garage Doors

There will come a time when you will have to renew your garage doors. Maybe it is because the existing ones have worn out. Possibly you want to renovate your entire property. You are a commercial operation that wants a consistent "brand image" across all your properties, including the garage doors. You have an idea in mind. Maybe you want a minimalist design, using bright plastic panel doors. You might prefer a more traditional wooden panel door design. This will blend in a lot better with your existing property than the doors you had before

Design Choices for Custom Garage Doors

To start with, there is a whole range of different materials you can choose from. Steel panel doors can be used. Patterns and designs can be added to these. They can easily be painted and made to look like other material. Steel will need some maintenance but it is a very versatile material. Aluminum is a lighter but still a very durable alternative to steel. Plastics come in a whole range of materials -from fiberglass (Glass reinforced fiberglass, GRP) to UPVC, and ABS.

Plastics have an advantage in that they can be low maintenance and be turned into anything you want. Wood can be either natural timbers, which may be expensive, or composite boards such as plywood. Wood can be easily maintained. There are even glass garage door options, for those that want a designer minimalist outcome.